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Transparency Through Connectivity Drives IoT

May 19, 2015

“For many organizations across various industries, the future of IoT is now. Insurance companies that track drivers’ activities to make underwriting decisions are using the Internet of Things. So are medical device companies that design their products to feed data back to healthcare providers. Industrial companies that use wireless technologies, sensors and data streams to monitor their assembly lines or field-based equipment also are capitalizing on IoT.” [Whirlpool CIO: The future of IoT demands a new IT paradigm.]

Tracking drivers’ activities through the Internet of Things? Really? How? Through “connected car” technology.

Increasingly, more and more late model vehicles are falling into the 4G and 5G status line. “Yes, it’s a mad, mad, mad, mobile world. And nowhere is this more true than in the multifaceted auto industry, where car manufacturers that once seemed out of touch and needed government assistance to stay afloat are introducing cutting-edge mobile tech into their vehicles. Detroit and Silicon Valley are no longer worlds apart; rather, they’re forming partnerships,” reports TechTarget.

“We’re going to see consumers be able to use the vehicle like a mobile phone: to buy apps, download apps and use the services these apps provide. A whole new ecosystem is going to be developed around this. This new ecosystem will be built around the proliferation of fourth-generation (4G) wireless. What we’re going to see with 4G is your vehicle becomes your hub; it’s going to be the hotspot of your world.”

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